You all have been asking "When will the CBD herbal infused bath bombs come back?" so here they are...but BETTER! This time the herbal infused bombs have an herbal infusion to help create an even more luxurious relaxing experience. Both bath bombs were infused with either rosemay or lavender herbs in grape seed oil so everyone can enjoy them. So relax today. You deserve it!!!

Herbal Infused Bath Bombs

    • Rosemary or Lavender Infused Grape Seed Oil 
    • Rosemary or Lavender essential Oil
    • Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
    • CBD (around 250mg in each ball)
    • Collodial Oatmeal
    • Baking Soda
    • Citric Acid
    • Corn Starch
    • Polusorbate 80
    • Helps relieve pain from menstrual cramps
    • Aids in more hydrated and smooth skin
    • Helps Relax and soothe sore muscles and aching joints
    • Helps relieve stress and anxiety 
    • Increases blood flow 
    • Helps with improving sleep and boosts mood