Yevough's Kiss


Image of Yevough's Kiss

Our owner made this product for her dear aunt when she was battling breast and lung cancer. It helped open her airway and kept her calm.

This product is great for sinus congestion, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and any other respiratory issue. This product also reduce anxiety, depression, ease morning sickness, improve cold symptoms, reduce headaches, helps you breath easier, clear your chest, and so much more.

Ways you can use the oil:
Shower: Take 2-3 drops on your chest while in the shower to create a aromatherapy experience in the the shower

Before bed: Place 2-3 drops on your chest before bed to help breath easy while you sleep

Steamer: Take 2-3 drops into a hot pot of boiling water and place your face over to allow steam to help with congestion and loosen mucus.